Simple Woman’s Daybook-June 7

Outside my window:A very nice, cool, QUIET evening! No tornadoes, no rain, and it’s not in the 8os!

I am wearing: A Tiffany blue Nordstrom tank top, shorts

I am thankful for: my talents

I am reading:1984, House Rules, Roses
From the kitchen:I made this guac all weekend. It was good. 
I am thinking:I’m glad it’s summer, and all that entails—esp. summer theater!
I am creating: A part. 🙂 Albeit a small one!

Toward rhythm and beauty: Daily prayer; Mass; daily Bible reading

To Live the Liturgy: see above
I am hoping and praying:for my grandfather; my family members in purgatory; a friend of mine who is about to try his vocation as a Dominican friar; and my OWN vocation. Going to Summit Labor Day Weekend!

Around the House:You know, it’s not too bad! Relative order! Vacuuming needs done though.
 One of my favorite things:Theater
A few plans for the week:T: Running Act II—blocking—for the show. (SInce I have lines I gotta be there)W: Phil’s birthday (making the Guinness Cake!), Choir party, Chorus rehearsal. The Guinness Cake is also serving as Phil’s birthday cake. We are exactly two month apart in age—isn’t that nifty? Th: Voice. I’m trying to sweet talk Robin into letting me learn some opera. :)Sat.: Chorus rehearsal, watching the World Cup at Phil’s.


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