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Just keep swimming…

As part of the “get my life back on track” program, I’ve been doing a lot of working out. Well, OK, a lot for me. As in, three times a week, at least.

That’s good, for me!

And a lot of the time, it’s swimming.

I loved swimming at the beach and in the complex pool. It was a great workout (toned arms! Smaller stomach! Toned shoulders!), and I decided that, when I got back home, there really wasn’t any reason not to be working out. Or, at least, swimming.

So I’ve been doing a lot of it. Laps, pull ups on the side of the pool, and you can do some awesome stretches in water—yoga poses there is no way I could accomplish on land are really easy in water. It feels great.

I’ve also been to the gym and done some hills program work on the treadmill, when I can’t get to the pool. But right now, for as long as my apartment complex pool is open, the pool is where it’s at.

Except for today. Today I’m thinking pilates video to shake things up. We’ll see!

Love me this. Actually I love her entire blog, follow her!



Southampton Summer






Jacques Doucet was first, and foremost, a connoisseur of art. Additionally, his passion for the refined and exquisite overflowed into his dealings with fashion, making him one of the finest French couturiers during the Belle Époque. The House of Doucet began as a family business, specializing in women’s lingerie and laces, as well as articles of clothing for men. Founded in 1817, the company rose to fame under the hand of Jacques. The house was known for its luxurious offerings, which were worn and coveted by royalty, members of the elite society in both Europe and America, and actresses of the stage.

This piece is an exquisite example of a lavish ball gown made by one of the grandest French couture houses of the period. The material used is of the finest quality, extremely delicate and dramatically embroidered. The cut of the bodice is quite seductive, enhancing the silhouette.”

Love this!

I would wear this everywhere.