Beauty and the Beast 9/29 & 10/2

Can we say—Emily is SO DOING THIS!

Beauty and the Beast 9/29 & 10/2

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–End of August

Outside my window…waaay sunny and 94 degrees. My A/C is broken. Sad.
I am thinking…what am I packing for Summit?

I am thankful for…chances

From the kitchen…nothing, because my apartment is already 90 degrees, it does not need to be warmer! This may change if/when the A/C gets fixed.

I am wearing...a denim skirt (from Talbot’s) and a blue tank top

I am creating...a cleaner closet!

I am reading… Come, Be My Light; Introduction to the Devout Life; The Hunger Games series (I have to read them all, in order, now….)

To live the liturgy…A quiet week! We’re in Week II of the Liturgy of the Hours…

I am hoping…for a wonderful trip to Summit

In the CD player…iTunes mix CD

Around the house…vacuuming, mopping.

One of my favorite things…long weekends

A few plans for the rest of the week…

Voice, at some point!

F-Sun: Summit!

LOOK at that gorgeous color!!!!


(taken and submitted by meetmeincognito).


Alto Adige, South Tirol, Italy, Europe
© Capannelle

From Me To You: End-of-Summer Blueberry Pie

~Molly & Jamie At the Green Market~

From Chef Molly:

Summer has flown by, but it was a wonderful one! So many sunny days and gorgeous, warm nights. Realizing there were precious few weeks before the change of seasons started to take hold, I decided to host a little end-of-summer gathering for…

From Me To You: End-of-Summer Blueberry Pie

This is really something I like…


Homemade Blueberry Pie

get it while it’s hot!