More Marie Antoinette….and it’s a cute story.


M. le comte de Provence had an object made from beautifully worked porcelain on the fireplace in his room, and when M. le dauphin [Louis-Auguste] was in his room, he picked it up and looked at it. This seemed to worry M. le comte de Provence and, just as Mme la dauphine [Marie-Antoinette] was teasing him about this, at that very moment, M. le dauphin dropped it and it smashed into pieces. M. le comte de Provence, in his immediate reaction of anger, went up to M. le dauphin; they grappled with one another and punched one another. Mme la dauphine, who was very embarrassed at this behavior, had the presence of mind to separate them. Reconciliation followed immediately; no one else witnessed the quarrel and nothing happened as a result.

-Ambassador Mercy to Empress Maria Theresa, 15 June 1772

I love reading about such small incidents like this. Don’t you hate it when you break something just as people tease you not to?

Photo: (The comte de Provence c. 1767-1771)


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