Doctor, doctor…

So because Tumblr was being SILLY yesterday, couldn’t post.

Anyway, lots of doctor visits lately. All normal, but still, a lot.

Yesterday: CF clinic post-transplant follow-up at Children’s. These are easy. See a doc, run over the meds, and maybe do PFTs. No PFTs yesterday because there was also regular CF clinic going on, and Dr. K didn’t want to run the chance of me picking up anything strange. I agree! Also saw one of the dieticians for my quarterly nutrition assessment. It’s really strange having these and not coming away with some Super Calorie Powder to add to your food, or basically being told to consume everything in sight.

Maybe it’ll just take me another five years to adjust to post-transplant eating….

Today: Seeing a GP for the first time. Yes, that’s right. I haven’t had a normal person doctor since I had a pediatrician. So I’m supposed to get one. Today, I’m getting on. He’s the same one my parents and siblings have—all in the family. I’m sure this will be pretty in and out. But we’ll see….

And happy Friday!