Inside the Paris Opera

by Eric Pouhier


You’ll notice a few changes ‘round here…

First, snow! Yes, it’s winter, and I like snow on my blog. Not on the ground. But here’s OK.

I’m home with the bug that everyone has—the one where you can’t talk (although I’m almost over that part, merci a Dieu)—but, for being immuno-compromised, making it to January before getting a cold is sort of a record, so go me. ‘Course it has to happen the week before Earnest opens (get your tickets here!), but as long as I’m over it quickly, I can handle it.

So, snow on the blog. Also—on the sidebar I’ve included some category links: theater, recipes, photos, blogs I like, movies—that will take you to posts on said subjects. There might be more categories later. Not sure.

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

My college boyfriend would have loved this article (heck, he might even have read it). Before we dated, he dated an English lass, and, as such, was All About The Right Way To Make Tea. He instructed me in the correct method, although we never had loose tea—we used tea bags. (Which Orwell would detest). Also, the appropriate introduction of ‘condiments’ (milk, cream, sugar) into tea was also covered.By the end of our relationship, I could make a cracking cup of tea. (And still do.)

If you have not had this sort of personal instruction, I give you…George Orwell.

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell


couple / vintage / culture / kimono / traditonal : geiko (geisha) kotoha, kyoto japan 芸妓 琴葉さん 日本・京都 (by Michael Chandler)