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(by maneeacc)

The Spring 2011 Boden Questionnaire…

as done by me. (I LOVE the Boden Questionnaire they put in the catalog.)

What really gets your knickers in a twist?: Late people and bad drivers.

What’s the biggest fib you’ve ever told?: How much I work out.

What pseudo occupation do you assume at parties?: Professional actress

What do you remember about your first kiss?: Just about everything

What’s your view on exfoliating?: Always and often.

What things do you hide from your boyfriend?: Shopping bags.

What single thing confuses you most about men?: Why they just can’t ask for help.

What would you do if you were a man for a week?: hang around in just shorts/jeans and no top. Must be nice. 

What’s the best way to flatter a mother-in-law?: Complement her cooking.

What three things would you NOT take to a desert island?: Cell phone, calculator, alarm clock.

Who would you least like for a mother-in-law? Bree Van Der Kamp.

When it is OK to wear PJs outside the house?: NEVER.

When is it OK to wear a fake tan?: Again, never. Especially in Ohio in the winter.

What is your stingiest habit?: Don’t have one.

What do you do when no one is looking?: Ballet moves.

What would you put in your room 101?: Snakes

What is your karaoke song?: “Rainy Days and Mondays”

How do you know if someone’s a real friend?: They’d take you to the ER.

How do you find out if a man’s serious?: If he starts talking potential children’s names.

What’s the mark of a good manicure?: It lasts more than two days

Who would you least like to meet down a dark alley?: A dementor

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. III

  1. So….y’all are probably wondering where I went. I went to the Resort, for five days of in-house hospital fun! It started on Friday at midnight, right after the second Earnest show…I went to go to sleep and then, bam, realized that my heart was going a bit too fast. Checked it with the pulse ox and…it was 180. Oh. joy.
  2. So that meant calling dad and going to the ER, because you don’t really have an option when your heart rate is 180. Fortunately the roads were clear (not like now, ahem, ODOT) so we got to the ER shortly after midnight, to find it very crowded. But a 180 HR will get you seen, post-haste. 
  3. So yes, there we were, in one of the big ER rooms, with a ton of people. The port, of course, didn’t like the first needle so we had to get some hemonc nurses down to get the port to behave. Once we did, meds were given, blood was drawn, and I was nauseous by this point, so we had dilaudid and phenergan on board…and soon I was dead to the world.
  4. So I missed the trip to the CTICU, where apparently they were going to do cardioversion again, but then I vomited, and that re-set my heart. Who knew? So dad and I stayed in the CTICU for a few hours, then I got moved down to C5 (regular transplant/heart center floor), where I stayed until I was discharged.
  5. I’m now on a heart med to keep my heart nice and normal, instead of randomly flipping out. But since I was there, anyway, Dr. K wanted PFTs on Monday. And they were still down.
  6. So that lead to a lovely bronch, with anesthesiologists, because with the heart issues we didn’t really want any new issues. So that meant bronch in an OR, as opposed to the bronch suite. So on Tuesday morning I went down to the surgical floor (three floors down from C5), and we did the bronch thing in an OR, which was sort of fun, just for variety’s sake.
  7. While Dr. K saw a lot of mucus, the cultures aren’t growing anything (and aren’t, currently, showing any signs of rejection), so we’re gonna chalk it up to the cold I had. And I’m going to do some pulmonary rehab again, and I need to lose some weight, because everyone is telling me that now, so I guess it’s time to Get Serious…

So that was my week—condensed into seven quick takes! 🙂

For more (hopefully less exciting) quick takes, you can go see Jen. 🙂