Best Picture Update!

Winter’s Bone: Good, but I didn’t think it was especially Best Picture-ish. It’s a small, dark, artsy film about Dee Holly (Jennifer Lawrence), a 17 year old whose father has disappeared after being charged with meth cooking. When the family’s house is threatened if her father doesn’t appear in court, Dee begins to dig into the meth cooking business in the Missouri Ozarks, and puts herself in a mess of conflicting emotions and passions. In a place where secrets are kept (or else) and the law is ineffective, she has to uncover the secret of her father’s disappearance, or else she will lose her siblings and her home.

Jennifer Lawrence does a fantastic job, and her work alone is worth seeing the movie. It’s short—only about 100 minutes—but she is on screen for almost all of it. I look forwad to seeing more from her in the future.

The Kids Are all Right: Very, very funny, but again, not particularly Best Picture-y. It’s sort of like a regular rom-com, or family dramedy, except the family is a bit unusual. I think Julianne Moore does better work than Annette Benning (Nic is like a twin of her overbearing mom in American Beauty) and I think she shoudl’ve got the Oscar nod. The script is fantastic, though, as is the cast.

After seeing it, Natalie Portman will definitely take Best Actress. Benning’s work here is good but not really groundbreaking.

Still left to see: 127 Hours, The Social Network, True Grit