Thank you!

So, we are more than halfway through the Earnest run (Sob!)

That means it’s time for…Emily’s Fan Club listing:

A star means they have been to all my shows! (J&H, Parade, Oliver! and Earnest) They are super-fans. 🙂

  • Mom *
  • Dad *
  • Bryan *
  • Melanie *
  • Sarah N.
  • Tiffany *
  • Bill
  • Branden *
  • Gary *
  • Sean *
  • Amanda
  • Rita * (who even came TWICE!) and her daughter Hannah.

And other theater friends who came out to show love: 🙂

  • Dave (who was the lead in J&H, and Sikes in Oliver!)
  • Dani (who was in Parade with me)
  • Drew (also in Parade)

You want to be on the list? If you live in Columbus, come to the show! It’s a lot of fun!