Today’s DVD: Armida

Renee Fleming and SIX tenors in Armida—last season was the Met’s premiere of Rossini’s work for woman and six men. Wow. Six tenors. Also devils, ballet, dancing cupids, and crusaders. This is bel canto opera at its most extravagant!

I’ve been waiting for this DVD for awhile (I was dying to see the premier last year, but didn’t quite work out…) so when I got it today I put it immediately in the DVD player. I’ll have to do a full write-up once I’m done watching it, but right now I love the production values. The Met has really moved beyond their basic camera work (as seen in Eugene Onegin) and is getting a bit more cinematic, which is a nice touch. There’s also some bonus interviews—Deborah Voight with Renee Fleming and some of the men.

And Renee with a sword—do you really want to miss that?

Um…happy Valentine’s Day?

Apparently, my karma did not get the memo that today was a holiday.

First off, I’m single. A day that celebrates love is not exactly high on my list of happy things right now. And people who say, “Oh, I remember when I was single and I hated it too…so I understand.” Whatever. You’re not single anymore, so can it! (yeah, I’m sort of bitter here. A bit.) 

Then work was totally a bust today. And my cardiology appointment was, well….a mess.

My heart rate was high when the EKG was done, so technically I was in a. flutter, although not as high as when I go to the ER. So…I have to go back to cardiology next M, then next W I’m going into the resort for a lovely surgical ablation of my heart, which should fix the problem. I have to go in on W so we can switch from my oral blood thinner to heparin, which will prevent any clots, etc. The surgery will take anywhere from 6-10 hours. So yeah, me and my surgeon, gonna have some bonding time. Sigh.

Anyway, it sure would be nice if I had a significant other to share all this with. I love my parents, and they’re great, but they shouldn’t have to be worrying about me like this, and having to make the NCH runs, etc. I should have someone else to do this. And, of course, I have to handle it all by myself. Even just washing my hair would’ve been easier with a boyfriend. I’m ona  24 hour holter monitor (to watch my heart rate) and I can’t take a bath or shower, so I had to dip my head into the tub and wash my hair with one hand while holding the towels over my upper body with the other. This is hard to do anyway, but even harder when your heart rate is 130-140. Sigh.

Sometimes I really hate doing everything alone.