This is the cover art for my edition of Silas Marner—I’ve always liked it.


Charlotte J. Weeks

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. IV

  1. It has been BEAUTIFUL here this week. The snow is gone! My windows have been opened! Bring on the spring! We will probably get a few more cold/snow days, but I can feel that “winter’s on the wing.” Whew.
  2. I really hope I didn’t just jinx spring with that…
  3. Long weekend for me, but not really. On M I have doc appointments—lung t/x at 7:00, and the cardiology at 11. I would imagine both will be relatively short, since I am going in for my ablation on Wednesday (the actual surgery/procedure isn’t until F, I have to come in early to do IV heparin to prevent clotting). They’ll be having plenty of time with me.
  4. In preparation for two days of boredom, I have the final season of The Tudors, Wolf Hall, and Mad Men: Season Two. Yippee! Hopefully no boredom! 🙂 Or minimal boredom!
  5. Had a great BalletMet event this week with the board of BalletMet and Shadowbox Cabaret. The two groups are combining for Seven Deadly Sins in April. You really want to see this, folks!
  6. I could not be a Carthusian nun. No way. I’m wathching Into Great Silence (which would be a great Lenten thing to do, btw), and wow. This is hard-core prayer and silence. Wowzers.  Inspiring as all get out. But wow, hard.
  7. I will try to keep everyone updated re: resort stuff next week…might be a little tricky, because I’m not sure if I’ll have Widget, but we’ll see.

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