Saturday Evening Blog Post time!!

Elizabeth is hosting the Saturday Evening Blog Post again! This time, it’s March—post your favorite post from last month.

Mine? Has to be this one. Because of #13.

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. VI (The Hockey Edition)

  • I thought I’d have a quiet night—port access w/ my mom, then dinner with parents, then maybe back home for some cleaning and Tangled redux. But Dad e-mailed me: “Want to go to the Jackets’ game?”
  • His old boss had two club level tickets, and I jumped at it. So after the port and dinner, we went to Nationwide Arena. We were a bit early so we got some hot chocolate at Starbuck’s and watched the hordes of Blackhawks fans pour in. It was crazy! Where did they all come from?!
  • Club level seats are awesome! We were almost at center ice. Waiters actually come to your seats and take your food and drink orders. There are even special menus at the seats. There’s a full range of beverages, dinners, snacks, and desserts, including a chocolate cake shaped like a puck! Dad and I had a Diet Pepsi and some popcorn.
  • Blackhawks fans are the Most. Obnoxious. Ever. We had quite a few in our section, including four guys, about 22, 23, sitting in front of us for about half the game (before a mother with her five year old, who was sitting in front of them, asked if they would switch with her, so her little girl didn’t have to hear all their, ahem, “language.” I wanted to cheer.) Let’s just say—pounds of cologne and many beers are not complementary aromas.
  • And what the HECK were they doing during the National Anthem? Some sort of random cheering through all of it? Uncool.
  • It was a very close game—went to a shoot-out, where the Blackhawks got one in on their last shot. So it ended 4-3, Hawks, but I was proud of the CBJ. They were hanging tight with the defending champs, who are just barely making the play-offs in the Western Conference. 
  • I do love hockey games, so it was a fun night, and we got a point since it went to a shoot-out. So an enjoyable Friday, over all, minus incredibly tacky visiting fans!
  • (But the Pirates beat the Cubs today. So there!)