Simple Woman’s Daybook–August 30, 2011

Outside (Panera’s) window….sun is setting, it’s a beautiful evening once again. We’ve had a really nice run of almost-fall days and nights where I can sleep with my windows open. This makes me really happy. Sadly it will get warmer on W-Th-F. I’m ready for fall.

I am thinking…that I’m really irritated that my internet was cut off 10 days before my move. Also very irate that I won’t have it back until Friday.

I am thankful for…Internet at Panera.

From the kitchen…mostly using up stuff so I don’t have to move it! PBJs and pasta, mostly.

I am wearing…jeans, and an AWESOME shirt.woot! t-shirt, “Teacher Talks Funny.” It’s the Charlie Brown kids with the teacher in front of them, but she’s holding a trombone (which is how they made the waaah waah on the show). This is a bit of an inside joke w/ me and selected others—I always say this is how new people sound to me avec the CI. Ha.

I am reading…ballet books, in prep for class on Thursday; Introduction to the Devout Life.

I am hoping…for a good start to the dance class year; a fun weekend at Lake Erie w/ my friends.

In the CD player…The juno sound track.

Around the house…cleaning out the pantry, especially the baking cabinet, and packing for the long weekend.

One of my favorite things….a long weekend w/ friends.

Plans for the rest of the week… Th: Lunch w/ Dad, and ballet class; Friday: Heading to the lake, where we’ll be through Sunday.


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