Love Kate, always. But doesn’t she want to pull her hair back sometimes? I think she’d look lovely with it half up/half down…


Kate Middleton looking radiant as ever as she arrives at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, where she and Prince William will open a children’s cancer center.

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Branden will GREATLY appreciate this pic. 🙂 


There was an era when travelling by plane meant dressing in your finest, pulling on the white gloves, and expecting to be swathed in the kind of glamour and top-notch service that you’d find in New York City’s finest restaurants. Though those days have long been replaced by travelers in cargo shorts and fanny packs, and flustered flight attendants handing out $10 sandwiches on overcrowded jumbo jets, the memory of the golden age of flying still lingers…

Come fly with us, as Frank Sinatra might have said, and take a flight back to the heyday of Pan Am.

Pictured: Actress Julie Andrews clutches a Pan Am flight bag and holds her 17-month-old daughter at Kennedy International Airport in New York in April 1963. She is en route to Salzburg, Austria, to film The Sound of Music.

I just love Cookie Monster. 


Guess what Cookie Monster is making?

(We’re guessing… cookies.)