It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 1966

via Mallory McInnis

Halloween Past

Halloween was duly celebrated in my house, but I was never a huge fan. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t live for Halloween. After about sixth grade, it got dull, and I stopped after 8th grade. 

But I did have some fun costumes. The few that I remember: 

  • A witch (avec mask) 
  • Little Red Riding Hood—my mom made the cape. I had a red dress w/ a fluffy underskirt (a Christmas dress), white tights, and red shoes. And a basket. 
  • Cinderella, before the Fairy Godmother shows up. This was the year my Aunt Patty got married. I was her flower girl, and the dress was just like the one the mice made Cinderella—two shades of pink, with similar draping. I did not have blue beads, however. And no one tried to rip my dress to shreds. 🙂 
  • Laura Ingalls, although, as a blonde, I should’ve been Mary, but I never really liked her. My aunt made me a pink dress with matching bonnet. 
  • A Cowgirl—ruffled yoke shirt, denim skirt, white tights, and red cowgirl boots. I had the hat slung over my back. 
  • A cheerleader. I had (another )aunt who was a cheerleader in junior high, so I used her cheerleading letter, sewn on a red sweater, and wore that and a plaid skirt. I can’t remember if I had pompoms or not. (A benefit to having a lot of aunts—lots of costume ideas) 

Of course I love wearing costumes now, when I’m in shows—but I’m still not good at rustling up my own.