Totally makes my hackles rise. And my shoulder blades….


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It’s like a college course in staggered breathing. And now they are all in my head. 


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The single most magical chord ever: The 14 part chord that almost ends the “Song for Athene.” Oh. My. Goodness.

When we sang it in 2000, people actually clapped at the end of that gorgeous, shimmering chord. Then the basses had to sing some more. 


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It is the eternal war…but I will say this:

Sight reading on an instrument? You just press the keys!!!!! 

Vocal chords have no keys. 🙂 

(We win.shhhh. We have to play nice with the instrumentalists.) 


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I have never thought this was a problem. I love singing tenor. 🙂 


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Oh chant…my love for you is deep and long-lasting. I mean, come on. There are few things better than Veni Veni Emmanuel in chant. GOOD chant. 


Some people protested this as a problem, so here is the counter argument! =D

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