Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Another weekend, another…tornado warning. This is getting to be a habit. And if it’s going to continue, my basement needs lamps and a couch, post-haste.
  2. Tonight I got to do something fun—I got to design my birthday cake!  I have NEVER done this. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since my mom is sick, I went with my dad. It’s a Wizard of Oz cake, of course, with red velvet and milk chocolate layers. The ruby slippers, Toto and the yellow brick road are all incorporated. It’s going to ROCK! (And cream cheese icing) I’m having it with my family on Easter Sunday since my birthday is a rehearsal night. I will, of course, post pics. 
  3. While doom and gloom is being predicted on my TV, I made crab quiche, from a Whole Foods recipe. It’s currently got about 30 minutes to go. I love quiche, but have never tried it, and this recipe sounded easy and perfect. Also this weekend, I’ll be making my basic tomato sauce for pasta puttanesca next week. 
  4. Rehab is going well—done on Wednesday! I can’t believe it. Today was hard but it’s supposed to be at this point. I definitely have more energy and feel a lot better. 
  5. I watched HOP this week: it’s really cute! If you have kids, or just like cute movies, I recommend this one. Neat animation, great voice work (Hugh Laurie!) and it’s just sweet and funny. I might even watch it again. 
  6. Reading: Finished Ahab’s Wife, and really liked it! 
  7. The Play: Going well. We’re off book Act I tomorrow so checking my lines tonight, but I think I Have them all. Acts II and III are harder for my character.