I LOVED the triplets. Really, could we have a spinoff short with them? 


Today’s grammar and spelling lesson

LOSE: a verb. To misplace something; to suffer the deprivation of; to be bereaved by death; to fail to keep, preserve or maintain. “Did you lose your iPhone?” “I’ve lost my keys.” “We’ve lost your address.” “She lost her brother.” “We lost the game.” 

LOOSE: an adj. A descriptive word. Not firmly or tightly fixed in place. “This dress is loose on me.” ALSO, however, can be a v., as in “the hounds are loosed”. However, even as a verb, it does NOT mean the same as “to lose”, above! 

Therefore, do NOT write: “He’s loosed his appetite” if you mean “he’s LOST his appetite”; “the dress is lose” when you mean “The dress is LOOSE”. 

Thus endeth the lesson.