think these are Steve Barton and the original London cast. I know that’s Sarah Brightman in the lower left corner. But not sure if this is OLC or OBC. Anyway, enjoy. 

i absolutely agree with your review of this production of evita (and i saw it live, so i can affirm what you said about the acting). the only thing i disagree with is what you said about it being a difficult part to sing. its not just that its a high role – as you mentioned, christine’s part is much higher – but rather its the RANGE that’s required. one is expected to belt soprano notes and carry unbelievably low ones (i.e. eva’s part in “a new argentina”).

Maybe it’s just that it’s in MY range so I don’t think it’s hard? (That’s probably it.) The range is definitely one of the things that makes it hard, I agree, not just the notes, but also the emotions that have to be conveyed. So much of the chatter I’d read/heard before made me think it was something along the lines of Brunnhilde or Manon (in the opera)—I mean, hours and hours of really hard, punishing vocal dynamics. And I didn’t think that was the case, but I think it’s a subjective thing based on the singer’s comfort level and personal range. 

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This is what I do when I’m mad. 

Yeah, what I just said. The triplets.Love.

Anything with Merida and the triplets I am going to reblog. Because they are awesome. 


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The Phantom of the Opera (2004)