The Simple Woman’s Daybook–July 9, 2012

Outside my window…slightly cooler than the past week. Only 90 for a high today! Whee! Very dry. Wish it would rain soon. 

I am wearing…green khaki (is that a color?) shorts, an amethyst tank top. 

Around the house…tending the flowers out front. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping…the usual. Decluttering—I can see the kitchen table again! Yay! So I did manage to get a lot under control last week, since I had some days off. Whew. 

To live the liturgy…Mass this week (at least twice, I think), Liturgy of the Hours, Bible reading. (Trying to get back in the swing of that. I’m so bad at lectio divina.) Rosary. The usual. 

I’m reading…Wolf Hall, The Bride of Lammermoor, The Sandcastle Girls (I really need to finish this so I can review it before it comes out)

In the CD player…new broadway cast of Evita. Yes, she annoys me. But I just sing over her. 

Listening to…the clank of the blinds since the A/C’s on. 

Praying for…a woman at my church who just had a preemie baby. 

Thinking about…balancing my time. again. I’m always thinking about this…

Thankful for…over here

Plans for the week…yoga tomorrow; ballet on Wednesday; 20s group (Bible Study focus) on Thursday; dentist on Saturday and then Transplant Anniversary Dinner at Fado! (Mmm. Love Fado. Also it’s the last place I ate pre-transplant call, so it’s very a propos.) 


My godson with our youngest cousin.