‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3: Mrs. Bates’ death solved and Mr. Bates’ fate

Brendan Coyle, the honorable and stoic Mr. Bates on “Downton Abbey,” spoke with a few reporters after the Television Critics Association panel for the hit British television program. And he revealed a few juicy tidbits about his character in Season 3.

When asked if Vera’s death/murder is resolved in Season 3, he states, “Yes. Yes, we do.”

Not many details, but at least there’s confirmation of a resolution. Coyle also says of Bates, “He’s a man just trying to survive in a very brutal predicament. The only hope he has are these moments with Anna in prison life.”

But he does confirm that Anna is not Bates’ only visitor while in prison. And it also turns out prison isn’t all bad — the uniforms are quite a bit more relaxed than the normal period garb.

“It’s like wearing comfy pajamas, it’s a lot more comfortable,” laughs Coyle.

Remember when they were filming at that prison and there was a rumour of a trailer marked ‘Branson’? I want this so bad.

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3: Mrs. Bates’ death solved and Mr. Bates’ fate

Downton Abbey

The evolution of the season posters. 

Anna and Bates: Save the dates…


(I think this is correct. I hate posting without being 100% but this is how I’ll find out!)

JULY 27: Joanne Froggatt on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

JULY: Series 3 Press Pack (Season 2 was released July 26, 2011)

JULY: Series 3 Teaser (Season 2 was released on July 27, 2011)

SEPTEMBER: Series 3 Full Trailer. (Season 2’s was released September 3…the long one with “With or Without You”. Still chokes me up watching it!).

SEPTEMBER: Series 3 UK Premier. No actual date yet(?). (Series 2 was September 18 and we knew as early as 7/22).

SEPTEMBER 23: Primetime Emmy’s. Sunday 7PM EST (ABC)


JANUARY 6: Episode 1 in US

I don’t know of any other Cast events/dates.

(Thanks for you help Erin! I hope we have it right.)

Anna and Bates: Save the dates…

laura, i will forgive you.: ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3 spoilers: Mary and Matthew do not have solely smooth sailing

Not sure how I feel about this…I think Mary and Matthew have been through quite enough,  thank you. I’m OK with them disagreeing, because, obviously, real couples do. But come on, guys. I do not think, however, they will divorce, because then I would Stop Watching The Show. There is a fine line between Drama and Ridiculousness. 

And damn straight, refusing to dress a chauffeur! I agree.


“Downton Abbey” premiered a trailer for Season 3 at the Television Critics Association press tour panel Saturday night (July 21). Here are some highlights (don’t keep reading if you don’t want some Season 3 spoilers):

  • “When I’m with her, I’m reminded of the virtues of the…

laura, i will forgive you.: ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 3 spoilers: Mary and Matthew do not have solely smooth sailing

The Dark Knight Rises: Pittsburgh references

Before I review the movie (EPIC, oh my gosh) , I want to point out all the awesome Pittsburgh references! (that I caught, anyway, feel free to add more) : 

  • The blue and white bus stop signs. Love those. 
  • Heinz Field, Of course!
  • The Heinz field scoreboard has :UPMC, 84 Lumber (founded in Pittsburgh), Heinz (also, Pittsburgh, of course), and Giant Eagle.
  • The Steelers, bien sur!
  • Point Park University signs
  • The Point
  • The bridges, bien sur. I can’t name them all but they are Pittsburgh bridges for sure. 🙂 
  • PNC plaza
  • Heinz Hall 
  • A kid wearing a Penguins ball cap