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A Downton Note

OK, I know that some of us have been FREAKING that Mary and Matthew won’t get married. 

But—Master Julian told us way back (I linked to it here) that there would be no more obstacles to Mary and Matthew going down the aisle. 

We know we have ONE wedding for sure: it could be either Mary and Matthew’s, or Edith’s and Anthony’s. I’ve heard that Edith and Anthony could be the way to get some of the fortune back (Although Cora seems somewhat unconcerned—perhaps her mom has some more money in her steamer trunks?), and that is plausible. 

I think that Mary and Matthew will get married this season. It will happen. Edith and Anthony would be nice too, then we’d have all the sisters married off and can start having nice little Crawley babies! 

I also have a feeling that Grandmama will have something to do with resolving the money issue. I also have a feeling the resolution will annoy both Robert and Violet, but it’ll still happen.  However, if the answer is Edith marrying Anthony (Lord Strallen), then both the grandmothers are in collusions, so I can’t see really anyone being unhappy. He’s nobility, so Robert’s happy. It’s money, which also makes him happy. And Edith gets married to a man she loves (or at least really likes, because he think she’s pretty!), so she and Cora are happy. 

Branson, gag, still irritates me. But if he continues on his revolutionary ways, he might not be around much longer…And the “Catholic” storyline may also be resolved in the Ireland issues (I’m imaging we’ll be there some of the time, since I can’t imagine Sybil and Tom at the DA constantly…). 



1. There is an elaborate, flashback-heavy narrative structure.
2. The protagonist is troubled by the memory of his angelic dead wife/love interest.
3. The protagonist is also troubled by the actions of a duplicitous not-dead love interest.

Now hop into your Batmobile and stealthily zoom your way to EW.com for the other signs. Feel free to revisit your favorite Sorkinisms, while you’re at it.