Grammar post: making something plural; affect v. effect

It pains me deeply to have to write about this, because this is one of the most basic things in grammar. However: how to make things plural. 

Quick Quiz: Which of the following is a correct version of the plural “to fly”? 

A) Time flys when you’re having fun.

B) Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Please, for the love of all things holy, tell me you knew it was B. 

If you did NOT know it was B (and I’m finding quite a few people that DO NOT know this) please, go here

This is something you should have learned as a wee babe. If you are learning English as a Second Language, I will forgive you. Other than that…no. 

And a side note: sometimes you use “i”, like with octipi. It’s not “octopuses”! 

And while we’re at it: AFFECT and EFFECT.



(most of the time)

Affect: The speech affected me very much. “To influence.” 

Effect: The dim lights gave the room a creepy effect. Or, “that ride had great sound effects” . Usually means “a result.” 

So, no they aren’t interchangeable!

There are rare usages, as well, which you can learn about here. (for example: “She wanted to effect change in the club’s policies.”) 

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