Physical prowress

OK, yes, that title is a joke. I have a sister who played college tennis, and brother who’s run the NYC, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Boston marathons (and who runs 10 miltes a day for FUN).

I’ve always been the non-athletic one. I played little league, and I was on my school’s softball team in fifth grade (and we went undefeated that year, by the way!), and I’d rather do “girl” sports, like ballet, yoga, pilates, or horseback riding.

But, as we know, exercise has become something I have to do. That doesn’t mean I really like doing it. And to behonest my efforts were sort of half-assed. “Oh, I’m tired, only 15 minutes.” “Oh, that walk at the mall counted!”

Today, though, I am proud, because I pushed myself and now I’m happy. 🙂 Today’s workout: 2.12 miles on the treadmill (with incline, folks, thank you!). It was my longest session (time and distance) ever, and my fastest 1 mile and 1K ever.

I am happy. And motivated. I’m glad that I could put my body through that and feel awesome after.

No, I won’t be joining my brother in Boston at any point. But it’s nice to know my body can do these things.