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Daisy’s first case since breaking up with Sweets is a doozy. Thanks for watching! Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at FOX.

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Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 21

A quick version! Because I just got home….

Outside My Window::

Total opposite of last week. It’s in the low fifties and the snow is melting. It’ll be 61 tomorrow and Wednesday!


A black A-line skirt, a Tiffany blue Boden sweater, black flats, and my new Angelic Warfare Confraternity medal. 🙂


Finding Calcutta (I’m on a Mother Teresa kick lately!). That’s it so far…I’m sort of dipping in and out of books. Mostly doing audition prep this week so reading a lot of ‘Night, Mother and Streetcar.

In the CD player::

The Little Mermaid Original Broadway Cast. I looove Sierra so, so much. In fact this week’s links are going to feature her heavily 🙂

Web wandering::

The Phantom of the Opera was my first professional theatrical experience. I was hooked from the minute I heard that gavel hit. I love it beyond all other musicals. On Saturday, it celebrated 25 years on Broadway. I have seen it once on Broadway and many times on tour. I loooove it.

That being said, here are this week’s links:

A profile of the current Broadway Phantom 

“The Phantom of the Opera” celebrates 25 years. 


I know this will shock you. MORE NOVEL STUFF. The editing process is a beast.

Also, nailing my audition monologue.


I have a plan this week! Tomorrow is fruity couscous from Rachael Ray, that I just love. Also this week is carbonara, probably once it gets cold again on Thursday. 🙂

Things happening this week::

The reason the above plan is sketchy is because I am CRAZY this week! Tomorrow I’m having lunch w/ dad and then a BalletMet event. Wednesday is session at work; Thursday is either a hockey game or a Capital alumnae thing. WHEW. My planner is psychotic this week.

Praying for::

All my fellow Dominicans on this feast of St. Thomas Aquinas!

Living the Liturgy::

Mass tonight. I’ve been doing well with saying the office consistently. Score!

Working out::

Last week was not good. OK. I accept that. Starting again this week. Saturday was killer with the back and shoulder weight training, so I felt it yesterday. Tomorrow we start the training for the week.




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As “Downton Abbey” continues, Anna uncovers evidence that could clear John. Thanks for watching! Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at PBS.

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Downton Notes

Normally I don’t do this, but I am tonight, just to sum up points:

  • I want a doctor to attend to me in White Tie from now on. Exclusively. 
  • The Matthew/Doctor convo (“everything working as it should?” “Oh yes.” ) was the most awkward thing I have ever seen on TV, in movies, or on the stage. Wow.
  • Robert needs to grovel to his wife. And his daughters. and to Branson. And to Clarkson. He messed up. Big time. And now Sibyl is dead.
  • Sibyl was definitely the sweetest daughter. I think Mary could’ve lied to Edith and said they’d try to “love each other better”, but Edith was a real bitch (sorry, she was!) in season 1, and sometimes in 2, and even when Mary was married, she couldn’t say congratulations. Edith has a lot of issues and she’s NOT been very nice to Mary in the past–she’s been just awful. (And yes, as we know, I have a Mary bias, but still)
  • We know how Robert feels about Catholics, so next week will be interesting…but I really think he should let Branson do what he wants vis-a-vis a baptism. Although Catholics believe that an Anglican baptism is a valid baptism, so there really isn’t an issue here, but whatever.
  • Something is going to happen with James and Thomas. Mark my words.
  • I think Robert is going to have to “give” on the estate. The two people he’s always had on his side are Violet and Mary, and both of them now support Matthew (I think Mary will, based on the clip we saw of next week). For Downton to survive, changes have to happen. And Matthew and Mary’s future rests in that. How many more Reggie Swires will leave Matthew loads of money? Not that many. Not even in Downton is that possible! And Mary is Robert’s favorite, just like Sibyl was Cora’s favorite. Edith is, of course, no one’s favorite…oh well.
  • I want Bates freed ASAP because I’m sick of the jail storyline. That would also make Thomas a first footman again, which would lead to the James and Thomas bit I forecasted above.
  • Branson is going to be staying in England for a bit–maybe forever, because of the baby. That will be interesting.

This episode changed a lot of things and I think it will affect Robert and Cora the most. I don’t think they’ll divorce (as Violet would say, “our people don’t do that”–at least not until the 1990s….). But I do think Robert’s going to have to change things for his wife, and for his family. Especially for Mary and Matthew, since this is their future–Downton. One daughter has died, but he has two more, and they need to be provided for (although Mary’s married, her “providence” does depend on the estate. I suppose Matthew could go back to being a lawyer.).

Downton Digressions: Season 3, #4

Last week: Edith is a Sister Suffragette; Branson and Sibyl are taking refuge at Downton after Brandon’s banishment from Ireland; Ethel gives up Charlie; Daisy’s finally got her kitchen maid–but the kitchen maid is stealing Albert’s attention!; Matthew goes to Violet for council; James (AKA Jimmy) stirs up the housemaids’ hearts with his hiring. (And possibly Thomas’ as well!)

Sibyl looks Ready To Give Birth–let’s see what she has!

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Lent approaches…

After watching Of Gods and Men last night, I was reminded of this post I wrote during last year’s Lent.

Lent’s almost here (can you believe it? Quick one this year.)–we’ve got a few more weeks to think about it. If you’re looking for a Lenten plan, I suggest the one in the link.

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 7



OK. Me, being me, we have to start with this. The March for Life is in D.C. today. I’ve never been, but I have a lot of friends who are attending. I pray that they will have a good March and that maybe this year the people in D.C. will listen.

I’m pro-life for a lot of reasons: I’m Catholic, for one. I love kids, for another. But also because I was born in 1982, and my mother could have aborted me. Not that she would’ve, because she loves kids and wanted me rather badly; she and my father had sort of given up on my ever showing up when I was conceived. I was–I am not–a “perfect” human being. I am massively, genetically flawed. I am expensive to keep up. I’ve almost died a lot of times, and I’m pretty sure no parent wants to experience that once, let alone more than once.

Parents have filed “wrongful birth” suits because their child was born with CF. That chills me.  Life is life. And we have  a duty to protect it. Places like this are doing the work of it, and we have to support them.

So, yes, I feel pretty strongly about this, because those babies? They could be me.


Well, OK, we started with the heavy! Whew. But I honesty couldn’t let the MFL go by without commenting on it. It’s the way I’m wired.


T.S. Elliot, famously, said April is the cruelest month. I think January has more right to that than April. Christmas and the holidays are over, the world is full of snow and grey and generally gross (at least in Ohio), you just want to hibernate but you can’t, and you may or may not have failed in your yearly resolutions to do better. The days are longer, but not warmer–yet. And of course January is 31 days. Oh well. I console myself with things like opera and good books.


On the reading list this week: Everyday Divine; Cravings; The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, and hopefully finishing Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ this weekend. I’ve been dipping into this for awhile and it’s time to just finish it. I’ve also been weeding out the library. I only want books that I love and that I read regularly. You don’t meet the criteria, you be going to Half Price Books very soon.


January does have one thing going for it: since it’s cold and gross you can spend time straightening the house and organizing it. So that’s a plus. Right now, that means the library and the basement–two areas that are sort of “undefined” since I moved in over a year ago. The basement is waiting on furniture and c., and better storage units (as in, something beyond the black stacking blocks I used in college). The library is the manifestation of Psalm 23: “My cup overflows {with books}.”


Have I posted library pics here? I can’t remember, so here’s a taste:

One of the library shelves

One of the library shelves

This is OLD so I’m going to have to update these later. Book photography!


Some of you may know I write other places than just here. I write regularly for Suscipio, a Catholic women’s blog. We’re women from all walks of life: students, moms, singles, whatever. The blog is written by a bunch of regular writers and contributors, we have a book club, and all sorts of fun. Here are my last two columns: this one, about the presentation in the temple, and this one, about the finding of Jesus in the temple. (I’m doing a yearlong series on the Mysteries of the Rosary and Faith, since it’s the year of faith. We start the Luminous mysteries next week!)