(A reeeeallllly late) Seven Quick Takes! Vol. 11





So, on the blog, things were sort of busy this week! I put my old tumblr blog over here so now there’s like thousands of posts for you to read. 🙂 And also a lot more of my movie obsession, if you’re into that. I also added a search bar so you can look up things to your heart’s content!


On Friday I got to wear jeans to work. This was thrillingly exciting. Normally on Fridays we can be a bit “casual”, but no jeans, ever, unless we’re like moving offices or doing otherwise dusty/dirty things. So I felt the way I did when I was a kid and we had no uniform days at SPX. Very excited.

The reason we could wear jeans: we had a food drive competition, with the Senate divided into teams, and the teams who reached a goal of 150 donated items could wear jeans. The entire Senate met that goal–go us! However, the winning team also got a pizza party on Friday. The winning team was my team (Go Senate Clerk’s Office!). So we got to wear jeans, eat awesome pizza and COOKIE cake (which I love) and generally revel in our awesomeness.

The food is all being donated here. And we got a lot of food: my team came up with 700 cans.


I may or may not have stood in line at Walmart on Friday night to get the last Twilight movie at midnight. I’m just saying. (Yeah, OK, sometimes I need pulpy romance in my life, and battle scenes where heads get ripped off, simultaneously. I’m that sort of person.)


A great homily yesterday in which my pastor said what I’ve thought for years: that God doesn’t give us hardship to punish us, or because we sin. Score one for Fr. M. God has a plan for our lives, and they will be accomplished through, erm, various means, let’s say. But God is not the kid with the magnifying glass, as Jim Carrey said in Bruce Almighty.


This week marks the beginning of the third week of Lent, the halfway point. If you had a Lenten plan of life, how are you doing? I have to say mine has been sort of hit or miss. I have given up fast food well though, so that makes me happy. Every day has not had all the elements I want it to have, but I’m trying, which I suppose gets me brownie points. I went to confession yesterday so my “Lenten confession” has been made, but I’ll probably try to go one more time pre-Easter.


Conclave 2013: Tomorrow the cardinals meet for, well, meetings. But the conclave start date will, most likely, be announced tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I believe all the cardinals will be in Rome by this evening. The youngest cardinal is 55, from the Philippines. There is also a cardinal from Africa with the last name of Sarah, which I think is too cool. No cardinal over 80 can vote in the conclave.


Oh and if you missed this, do read it and take your own test, and then tell me what you are!

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