Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 24

Outside my window::

Dark now, but dark at 6:45 pm I can totally live with. 🙂

I am wearing::

A hunter green tank top and lululemon crops, because after dinner I am working out. Be proud of me, blog readers!

From the kitchen::

Making Ina Garten’s Winter Minestrone, with a few of my additions/subtractions/substitutions. I’m a soup kick this week. I made the Pioneer Woman’s tomato soup on Sunday, and this today, and then I have another soup planned for tomorrow. Lent=soup, right? 🙂


The Chicks With Sticks Guide to Knitting (because I am going to learn, dang it!); Middlemarch; Walking on Water.

Around the house::

Cleaning, the usual. Trying to get things totally clean by Holy Week.

I am going::

To Nashville on Friday for a weekend retreat with the Nashville Dominicans! Whee!

Listening to::

Josh Groban’s new CD.

Conclave note::

CBS News just had a report on a Catholic poll: These “Catholics” want married priests, women priests, birth control…..sigh….THESE THINGS WILL NOT HAPPEN…….So that’s my screaming out loud moment today.


The retreat; deep house cleaning and purging of closets, etc; I’m on track with my early rising and LOH.

Working out::

Back to the circuits….

Upcoming plans for the week::

Nashville Friday-Saturday. Other than that, hoping we don’t get a massive storm tonight that will make the drive to work tomorrow difficult…

6 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 24

    • I always need to purge–and it’s just me! But my closet, especially, needs it. There’s so many things that are just *there* and that I don’t wear, you know?

    • It’s going to be great, I think! I’ll of course have a full write up when I get back. 🙂
      And sometimes my blog eats the comments and sends them to moderation–NO idea why….:)

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