St. Catherine and the next pope

In iconography, St. Catherine of Siena, a lay Dominican, can often be found with a ship on her shoulder, the saint holding it steady as she looks ahead. The ship is the Barque of St. Peter–the Catholic Church–and the papal insignia is often found on the ship’s flag. Why the boat? St. Catherine is intimately connected with the papacy…

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Off to Music City!

I’m road-tripping this weekend to Nashville, TN, one of my favorite places! Me and two other girls are heading to the Convent of St. Cecilia for a retreat with the lovely Nashville Dominicans. We’ll be leaving tomorrow after 7 AM Mass, and heading back on Sunday.

I will surely have photos and stories to tell once I’m back!

If you have any prayer requests, add ’em to the combox. Of course I’ll pray for all of you anyway, even if you don’t have something special. 🙂