Habemus Papam Francis!

Welcome Pope Francis, everyone.

True story: My mom totally predicted this last night. She said the new pope would take Francis as his name. So Mom is psychic, apparently.

He’s the son of an Italian immigrant, and has four siblings. He did his degree in chemistry, but then joined the priesthood and the Jesuit order. (Cue the Jesuit jokes!)

He seems very humble, devout, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about him in the last few minutes–he fought against liberation theology and Communism in his native Argentina.

Here’s a profile of him ; he is seen as a scholar, but one who can speak to the people in the pews.

Taking Francis as a name is funny for a Jesuit, since the Franciscan order suppressed the Jesuits for about 200 years…but St. Francis was also told by God to “rebuild my church, for it is ruins.” Perhaps that is what our new Pope feels is his calling.

Viva il Papa, and let’s pray for Pope Francis!