Doc visit

So today was my every-three-month bonding experience with my doctors and nurses and c. 🙂 The big news today was that I lost five pounds, which I totally wasn’t planning on. I mean, yeah, I thought I’d lost something, but five pounds was really exciting! WE also have decided on a “goal” weight for me, which is nice: 150 lbs. That’s in their “healthy” range and still gives me some extra that I could lose if I ever got sick for a bit (after my pre-transplant experience of not having that cushion, I told the dietician today I definitely wanted one, when we were figuring. She agreed.). So that made everyone happy.

PFTs (Pulmonary Function Tests) were the basics today (usually I do three different kinds of tests. This was the most “basic” one), and I’m stable there. The chest x-ray actually looks a bit clearer, so another bonus (guess the exercise is working, bwahahahaha). Everyone is quite pleased. My doc wanted to know what I’ve been doing so he could “bottle it”, but it hasn’t been anything drastic.

So the goal is to lose 5-6 lbs. every three months–totally doable–until I reach the goal. I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ circuit training workouts and yoga, and I added dance back last week, so that helps, for sure. And we also talked about numbers on the scale can be subjective, of course (because muscle weighs more than fat, etc) but things like going down clothing sizes isn’t so subjective.

Food wise, I’ve definitely been incorporating more fruits and veggies and I’ve almost totally eliminated soda in any form (go me) except when I’m at restaurants. (I don’t have to cut it out completely, but cutting it out at home is a good way to start.) And since it’s (supposedly) spring (I can’t tell there’s snow on my lawn) in parts of the nation, more fruits and veggies and yummy things are going to be happening soon. 🙂 And of course Disney World, with all the walking that entails.

So, it was a super good clinic today. Very excited.