Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 26

Outside my window::

Typical for early April–overcast, but warm, huzzah! I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow but it usually rains on my birthday, so I’m used to it.


Jeans, a pink t-shirt, a cream colored scarf. Home with a cold today, which is fortunately a lot better than it was yesterday. Oh, and my charm bracelet. I recently got a new bracelet part, one which has a clasp I can use, so I’m wearing it now!


A Clash of Kings; about to start The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things; Summa of the Summa

In the CD player::

The complete Les Miz recording so I can learn it all (every. single. word!) before May. I know about 97% of it already.

Around the house::

changing sheets and vacuuming.

From the kitchen::

Chicken soup tonight. Tomorrow my dad’s taking me to a hockey game for my birthday, so I’m tres excited about that!


Novel #2, in the Camp NaNoWriMo sweepstakes. I’m a bit behind so I need to pick it up. 

Plans for the week::

Hockey game tomorrow; hopefully my last endocrinology appt. on Friday! My blood sugar levels sans insulin have been great so I’m expecting we can fully approve the plan to ditch insulin. 🙂


Over the weekend I got to see one of my oldest friends, Milia, who had come home for a visit with her brother and his family. Our other pal Tiffany joined us, and the three of us, and T’s husband, had a lovely time at Easton, where we went to Cafe Istanbul for my birthday (Milia got my meal) and then to B&N, where Tiff gave me Lincoln for my birthday. (And it’s a great, great movie!)

This photo is the three of us in front of one of Easton’s fountains.



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