So, the day I turned 31 was pretty awesome.

First of all, it was 82 degrees. Yes. You read that right. EIGHTY TWO. The day I was born, we had a blizzard, and usually it rains or snows on my birthday. I was very thankful that it was a gorgeous day. It actually got hot in the late afternoon. Going to a hockey game sounded like an excellent idea. Usually, there is no hockey on my birthday. The season is over, and it’s before the playoffs start. So going to a game on my birthday was a new and exciting thing.

My dad came and took me out to lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse, which is now become a thing, since we did this last year for my birthday.


birthday lunch 2013


After lunch, my office surprised me with a card and a party of Dilly Bars in one of our offices, which was a lovely treat (especially since the last office I was in, it was like pulling teeth to get people to celebrate birthdays, which, as we know I love to do!). After that, it was time for HOCKEY!

We ate dinner at Bostons–my dad, my sister, and her boyfriend, who also was celebrating a birthday that day! It was so great to be in the Arena District with all the excitement, both of a team that was winning, and the great weather. Kids were playing in the nearby park, people were everywhere in shorts and t-shirts.

me and mel at Boston's

me and mel at Boston’s


Mel brought a slice of cake she’s gotten for Mike, so Dad and I had a bit of that, to celebrate. 🙂


Me, Mel and Mike in the park near Nationwide Arena

Me, Mel and Mike in the park near Nationwide Arena


After dinner it was time for hockey! Dad had gotten us tickets right behind the opponent’s goal, which was great, because we’d be able to see the Jackets score (if/when they did).

shots on goal

shots on goal


They did a LOT of scoring–the Jackets beat the Sharks 4-0, so it was a great game. The arena was totally vibrating with the fans’ excitement. To cap off the win, Dad got the three of us a big cup of Coldstone Creamery soft serve at the second intermission, and we shared that. It was divine.

A HUGE win, since the Jackets are in the playoff hunt, and a great way to end my 31st birthday.

Our starting goalie, "Bob", the game's first star.

Our starting goalie, “Bob”, the game’s first star.






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