Seven Quick Takes Vol. 16




So I wrote a lot about Catholic topics with week. If you missed them, here’s the first one, and here’s the second.


I have been praying for the people in Boston all week. My brother is a marathoner and has run Boston in the past. Seeing all those Boston Marathon jackets–just like my brother’s–made me so grateful no one I know was there. But the stories of the injuries and deaths–especially of the eight year old–are absolutely heartbreaking.


I’ve gotten a lot of movies recorded since I got cable and my DVR. I’ve seen The Bodyguard, and really liked it, but had less patience with Thelma and Louise, and I’ve watched the first half of Footloose, because that soundtrack was heard a lot when I was a kid. It’s sort of cheesy. It may get cheesier! But I’ve also got Unforgiven to rescue me from cheese. 🙂


Books: I”ve got some reading planned for this weekend, mainly some work on The Return of the Native, and Summa.


Prep for my MANY vacations this year has begun! I’m buying sunscreen for the Orlando trip, and I know what I’m wearing for my Jeopardy! tryout on 5/21. I am so excited to spend a little mini vacay in NYC, and get to go to Central Park and hopefully have high tea at the Met. 🙂 And see a show, of course, if I can find one where tickets do not cost the Earth. Ideas?


The Blue Jackets, our local NHL team, is, right now, in 8th place in the Western Conference, meaning playoffs. I am hoping this holds. Hoping very, very much that it holds. Playoff hockey is an amazing thing and I’ve never experienced it in person, which I would love to be able to cross off my bucket list!


Another mini-break (GREAT British-ism) is in July, the weekend after Les Miz wraps up. Me and my friends are going to Hocking Hills, where we’ve rented a lodge for the 15 of us (12 adults, three kidlets!). It has a grill, a fire pit, a hot tub, a deck, a game room with pool, foosball and air hockey, and a lot more. I am envisioning hiking, knitting (many of us are crafty) and yoga on the deck.

I was also the Freshman Class Air Hockey Champion at Capital University during Freshman Orientation. I have skills.


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