Tuesday Daybook


a blue and white Talbots’ skirt, and a navy 3/4 length sleeve sweater from Banana Republic. I love this sweater because the neckline dips a little in the back, which is always a fun feature. And black flats


Middlemarch; Slim for Life (Jilliam Michaels–in the “losing weight” motivation category); Summa; Return of the Native, and some Dear America books that I recently uncovered.

Around the house::

Vacuuming must happen today. Also general tossing in the bedroom. There’s all sorts of “stuff” in there that doesn’t belong. Also finishing polishing (actually POLISHING) my furniture!

In the CD player::

Les Miz Complete Recording. But oh my goodness…the woman singing Cosette has the most annoying female voice EVER.

From the kitchen::

I haven’t done a meal plan (yet) this week, so tonight is sort of a soup and sandwich night. Tomorrow I think I might try a barefoot contessa chicken recipe.


packing lists; my travel journal for all the traveling that I’m doing this summer, and a bit of creative writing and journaling. Also working on Les Miz music for at least 30 minutes every day. That’s creative. 🙂


for our diocese

for Syria

for those injured/killed in the Boston bombing, and their families.

This week::

Not a whole lot, other than Les Miz rehearsal on Sunday and a St. Catherine of Siena party that same day. Getting my car fixed on Friday so I’m swapping cars with my parents for the Friday commute.


I just love this.

Getting Healthy::

Lost a pound last week. Huzzah! I think the new drug I’m on is causing some muscle issues, though, so we might have to dump/change it.


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