At the end of the day (weekend rewind!)

(Yes, I just might start titling my posts with Les Miz song titles. bwahahaha.)

So today was absolutely nuts, but good nuts. (Like that scene in Willy Wonka, right? Good nuts and bad nuts.)

Yesterday was sort of spent in the preparation that is involved in this crazy week. My sister graduates from college on Saturday, and my grandma is coming down to visit for about a week starting on Friday, in-between grandchildren graduations. (We’re in the period in my mom’s family where the “stair step” kids are all graduating like falling dominoes, so spring and summer get busy with these. We are almost–sob!–done with First Communions! Only one more to go.) So my sister graduates this Saturday, and one of my other cousins graduates next Sunday.

So yesterday I cleaned and polished things in anticipation that my parents may bring my grandma to visit one of the days she’s here, especially since she hasn’t seen my “new” place. I made some biscotti for the party I went to today (recipe forthcoming!), did some music prep for Les Miz rehearsal, and had dinner with my parents. I watched the Jackets win in the most epic third period I have seen in 23 years of hockey watching, only to have their playoff hopes denied by the {)(!%(*!^%#(&^!)&*%^ Minnesota Wild, who took the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. But I still love our team.

So today: confession before Mass at noon. Then rehearsal at two. We’re working on each piece, doing intensive work with parts, chords, etc. We’re not really doing dynamics yet, but some pieces are up to performance tempo. On today’s agenda was “Drink With Me”, “Turning” (the women’s number in Act II, after the barricade sequences and right before “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables”), the Wedding Chorale, the Finale, “At the End of the Day”, and the guys got to run through the chain gang “Prologue” that kicks off the show. Sadly we women are only prostitutes, not chain gang prisoners. 🙂

So at the end of rehearsal I headed over to the other side of town for a Dominican Party, which is clearly one of the best kinds of parties to attend. Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, who is a special patron not only of Dominicans (she was a lay Dominican) but also of our parish in general, so my friend Mary had a party at her house. It involved lots of Italian/Tuscan food (hence the biscotti I made) and wine and proscuitto, yummm. I also couldn’t resist the siren call of her family’s piano so I had to play a few bits. I can never pass up playing on a piano, ever.

It was great seeing so many friends and the friars who staff our parish were in attendance too (3/4 of them, anyway). We said a decade of the rosary and venerated a relic of St. Catherine of Siena, which one of the friars brought to the party, but mostly we hung out in the family’s sunroom and “talked of many things” while Jo, the family’s poodle, wandered in and out, and Mary’s youngest sister showed us the family’s adorable guinea pigs. The one I held was mostly chocolate brown and looked petrified to be out in the sun and out of their basement domain. Poor thing. He was pretty cute, though!

So all in all a great weekend!


One thought on “At the end of the day (weekend rewind!)

  1. Happy feast day of St. Catherine of Siena to you! I read a piece by her today — I should go look it up — but do you have any reading recs? Have a great week!

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