Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 26

Outside my window::

Kinda gray. It rained all day yesterday and sort of on and off today, but tomorrow should be beautiful!

I am wearing::

A blue cashmere J. Crew sweater and a layered gray skirt, and black flats. It was really HUMID today though so I was regretting the sweater pretty quickly.

In the CD player:

Les Miz complete recording, alternating with Josh Groban’s new album


Finished The Bride of Lammermoor last night, and I have to say I was really disappointed. There was all this build up and then bang five pages of resolution. Not cool. And a lot more “telling” than “showing.” Next up is Return of the Native. Also re-reading In This House of Brede, because I can’t go too long without reading that.

Around the house::

I dusted and polished all the downstairs furniture over the weekend. Now it’s the upstairs. Also vacuuming and mopping, the usual stuff, and cleaning up the front of my kitchen cabinets because they get sort of messy if neglected.


Working on my music, always, especially with the show upon us!


Where did April GO?! I can’t believe it’s May now.

This week::

My sister graduates from college. Sob. Friday night is her pinning ceremony for the School of Nursing, and then Saturday is the big day!

Working out::

I joined the “walking challenge” at work, and am back to regular interval/circuit training. Can’t wait until the pools open.


What’s a duke? (AKA, how the Peerage system in Britain works)

And a new CD from wonderful Benedictines!



4 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 26

  1. Oh, you’ve been polishing furniture… I find that very therapeutic 🙂 Been wondering this week myself how I am supposed to account for April 😦 Congratulations to you (on your music) and to your sister (for graduating)!

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