Graduation weekend rewind

What. a. weekend.

My little sister graduated from college this weekend, in a two-day extravaganza, with much food and awesome clothing and general frivolity. (Yes, I just said frivolity. It’s a good word and underused.)

It was a gorgeous weekend (still is, actually, since it’s Sunday morning as I write this) and perfect for lots of graduation festivities.


Since Mel was a nursing student, graduation kicked off with the School of Nursing’s pinning ceremony on Friday at 4:30 in the school’s concert hall. (I love Mees. I spent so much time there singing as a student, so it always brings back lots of great memories–and some not so great, like the prayer service we held there at noon at Sept. 11. What a moment that was.)

Me and Mel pre-pinning ceremony

Me and Mel pre-pinning ceremony

At the ceremony, the students receive their school pin, which indicates where they attending nursing school. There’s apparently a lot of significance in this ceremony, which goes back to the Crusaders, and, more recently, Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War. There are some speeches, but the main event is the pinning. Each student could have up to two people “pin” her, and my sister chose me and my brother.

After the pinning, we went to Martini, a local Italian restaurant, to celebrate.

At Martini

At Martini

The restaurant is actually where I went before my junior prom, so, again, lots of fun memories. We also had Mel’s 23rd birthday party here in October. Excellent food was had by all, but I really enjoyed introducing Mel to the wonders of the antipasti platter, which had proscuitto, pancetta-wrapped figs (I actually got to eat my first fig. Amazing.), sopressetta, black and green olives, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and Brie. Amazing.

Mel and my grandma

Mel and my grandma

After dinner

After dinner

Yes, we got my dad in a photograph. Amazing. 🙂

IMG_1467And yea, verily, there were celebratory drinks!

After dinner everyone went back to the house so Mel could open her gifts, and watch home movies per her request, which were fairly adorable. Fortunately I was older in these videos (I was 7 1/2 when Mel was born) so my mostly embarrassing moments were passed over. 🙂


Mel’s commencement started at 2, but the doors opened at 12:45 for seating, so I got up early and headed to my parents’ house for lunch before. Mel had gotten her hair done at our hairstylist’s so she was also there early.

Mel was wearing one of my old dresses, and one with quite a bit of history: it was my high school graduation dress, but it was also my dress for my fraternity in college (Sigma Apha Iota; it’s just girls now, but we still call it a “fraternity”.), since at formal events we wore white dresses. I wore that dress for so many great things, including the day we officially founded our chapter in May of 2003. So that dress has a lot of history in it (and to think we got it for $15!). I was pleased to see Mel wearing it today.

(In high school I had to wear it, because our robes were white, but Mel’s was black, so she could wear whatever she wanted. I wore a blue short-sleeve sweater and a blue paisley skirt the day I graduated from college.)

So if you want to see how tiny I was in high school and college, here you go:

Me and Mel pre-graduation

Me and Mel pre-graduation

(Ah, memories….)

There were also the requisite outside photos.

Mel and grandma

Mel and grandma

Grandma, mel and moi

Grandma, mel and moi

Mel checks out her motorboard

Mel checks out her mortarboard

My mom also likes to take mirror photos. Her uncle was a photographer–he did all the weddings for my mom and her 7 other siblings–and he always did a photo of the person looking in the mirror. So we carry on the tradition.

The ceremony itself was very nice, with a good commencement speaker (the local mayor).

The graduate

The graduate

Mel wanted us to eet her at the statue of St. Anthony. Now, Capital is a Lutheran school, so why we have a statue of St. Anthony is sort of anyone’s guess, but I think it was relocated from another place in town to our campus. He was sculpted by a tres famous sculptor, who’s local. St. Anthony stands in front of Battelle Hall, which is the building for science, nursing, and math classes, so Mel spent a lot of time here. (I took two classes here–“plants and people”, aka, the science credit for non-science people {although I do like science} and a math class.)

St. Anthony, looking appropriately festive

St. Anthony, looking appropriately festive


After the hoopla, we headed to Uno’s in Pickerington, where we ate another celebratory meal and watched the Kentucky Derby, then back to the house for more home videos and some hockey.

It was quite a weekend. And today is recovery day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Graduation weekend rewind

  1. Oh – what a wonderful, fun weekend! Congrats to Miss Mel!

    Angela Pea

    P.S. You are beautiful, and should wear red often!

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