Weekend Rewind No. 3

( I figure I should start numbering these….)

Friday after work I had dinner with my sister and my cousin Kelly at the local Max and Erma’s. It was raining cats and dogs out, so we thought it was a good night for a good movie. Mel had to save people and work the night shift at the hospital, so Kelly and I went, first to Barnes and Noble, then back to my place for a bit, then the movie (which we both liked). I dropped her off at my parents’ (She’s staying for a few days while her flute is repaired nearby) and went home to collapse into bed. 🙂


After the usual (clips for work, bath, cleaning) I went to pick up Kelly. We had a busy evening planned. First we went to the Candle Lab in the Short North to make candles. Kelly  chose watermelon and orange peel oils for hers, while I chose Tupelo honey and Georgia Peach. Our hands smelled delightfully like these oils for hours after (and mine still smell like a honey, a bit). After that we went to Mass at St. Pat’s, then to dinner at the Grass Skirt, where we got lei’d and had an excellent dinner.

We picked up our candles and then headed back to my place, where we watched the U.S. version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Kelly and I love those books). Kelly said that the Swedish version was a lot more graphic, so I was glad I hadn’t seen that one. The Penguins, thankfully, won their round one playoff series in the meantime, so Dad was in a good mood when he came to get Kelly at the end of the film.


Slept in, then headed to the last preliminary Les Miz rehearsal before proper auditions over Memorial Day, and our first rehearsal the Wednesday after. This is going to be a great show; I’m really excited to see what our final cast ends up looking like, since we’ve had a lot of people in and out at these rehearsals (and since today was mother’s day, a lot of moms were missing. 🙂 )

Afterwards I went to my parents’ to celebrate my own mom, and we had pizza for dinner. Pretty low key, but after last weekend , low key was just what we wanted.


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