Seven Quick Takes Vol. 17



NYC Countdown–T-minus A DAY AND A HALF. Wowza. My flight leaves around 1 on Sunday so we’ll get to the airport a few hours before. I should be landing in NYC around three. The schedule looks thus: Sunday–get in; Monday–NYC stuff: hopefully Eataly and The Strand bookstore, and Central Park. And gelato for breakfast. 🙂 Tuesday is the Big Day–Jeopardy! at 9 AM and then Once that night with my cousin Jack. Wednesday I fly out around 3:30 and back home for hockey that night. 🙂 Absolutely crazy stuff.


I’m so thrilled my aunt and uncle are letting me stay with them. They are great (well, OK, all my aunts and uncles are great) and my Aunt Mary and I have a lot in common. Also, since they lived in London and other parts of the world for awhile, I never really feel like I get to spend enough time with them. And I adore their kids.


Flying post transplant is sort of a Mission to Mars quality deal. All my drugs are in my carry on, in their original containers (per TSA requirements). I have face masks in my backpack (carry on) and I will have many bottles of Bath and Body Works hand anti-bac soap. I use the soap to wipe down the tray table and armrests, and then I use it on my hands quite a lot. It’s the only time I get really obsessively germaphobic.

Other than these things, my makeup bag, another shirt, and my books and journals go in my carryon. I’ve got a lot of sort of read books to pack–by that I mean books I’ve started reading but haven’t made a lot of progress. A plane ride concentrates the mind wonderfully. So Return of the Native, Middlemarch, My Sisters the Saints, and the second Game of Thrones book are all coming with me.


Also making progress on the Orlando trip in June. We’ve booked our drive-down and drive-back hotel (we’re breaking our trip in Atlanta both times), and we’re pretty good on our plan for when we’re in Orlando. Tuesday and Wednesday we have Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) for Disney restaurants: Be Our Guest on T in WDW, and then a Mexican restaurant in EPCOT for W. Really I’m looking forward to the drive, the pool, the reading of books by said pool, free refills on Chocolate Coke at Beaches and Cream, the New Fantasyland, and EPCOT. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been to Orlando–way too long!


For Disney, I bought new shoes–Clarks active shoes, the ones that look like Mary Janes but have the squiggy lovely insole. I also bought a new pair of cute flats. Sale prices and 20% off make me happy when buying shoes (sale goes all weekend so get thee to a Clarks…) One of the things about CF is that, since your sweat has more salt in it than the average bear’s, I can ruin flats and sandals pretty easily. Cheap shoes are basically out for me.


In closer to home news, I’m seeing the new Star Trek tonight, so a movie review will be heading your way. Me and Tiff are doing the classic dinner and a show. No Les Miz rehearsal until after auditions, which are Memorial Day weekend.

Book I’m reading at the moment: Pat Gohn’s Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious. My “spiritual reading” book (a habit I took from the nashville Dominicans; they have 15 minutes of spiritual reading before compline every night) is Benedict XVI’s general audiences on the Doctors of the Church, that have been compiled and published in book form.


4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Vol. 17

  1. I also hadn’t been to Orlando in 13 years….until this week! I just got home today after 10 fabulous days in Disney! You will love Fantasyland! If you have time get fast passes and do the Storybook Princesses Meet and Greet. It takes place in the Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom, the fast pass kiosk is just down from Tony’s Italian restaurant. You get to meet Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella…it is so fun! Enjoy your trip!!

  2. I clicked through from Conversion Diary because of your Tangled photo (I love Mandy Moore; her movies and music are among my guilty pleasures). Are you going to see a Jeopardy! taping? I saw one in DC once—it’s one of my life’s ambitions to be on the show!

    • I’m actually auditioning for Jeopardy, in the last round of auditions. Just blogged about it!
      And I love tangled so, so much. Mandy Moore did a great job in it.

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