NYC Trip Diary No. 1

Or, a tale of one city, one midwestern girl, and the worst airport in history.

Part the first–Sunday

Dad and I got to the airport at 11, and after checking my bag and going through security, we had lunch at Columbus Brewing Company, which had amazingly good fish and chips.

My flight left Columbus at 1:00 and was supposed to land in NYC at 3:55. We were on the runway for about 15 minutes before we could take off, but we made up time in the air and landed almost on time.

It was rainy and humid in NYC, and JFK is the worst airport ever. First, the American Terminal is about five hundred light years away from the exit. You have to walk up two and half ramps, through the terminal, down people movers, up and down two escalators, and only then are you in the main section of the airport with ticketing, security, and directions to the baggage claim.

I retrieved my bag and headed out to the taxi stand, where I quickly got a taxi, which took me into NYC. The weather made the traffic pretty interesting, but I didn’t really care since I was in a cab.

My aunt lives on the Upper West Side, and the cabby dropped me off at her building, where a lovely doorman helped me with my bag. At the desk I told the concierge that I was a guest of my aunt’s and he directed me to the elevator.

The building is 40 stories and my aunt lives near the top; my ears actually popped in the elevator. There are two apartments on my aunt’s floor, so I found hers and rang the bell.

My Aunt and cousin were home, but they had to run out to go to Mass at the church next door since they had missed early Mass in Baltimore (they’d been there for the Preakness). So I had time to unpack and watch a bit of the movie Big Night via Netflix. (I’d always wanted to see this movie but hadn’t gotten around to it–Stanley Tucci’s cookbook really made me want to see it.)

My aunt and cousin got home around 6:30 and we ordered in Mexican empanadas, which I never had but were amazing. We spent the rest of the night talking and catching up since I hadn’t seen them in awhile. Around 9:30 or so we headed to bed since Jack (my cousin) had school in the morning. I finished Big Night, updated my journals, and turned in. The nice thing about being mostly deaf is that city noise doesn’t bother me (but we were also high up so it didn’t exactly get that loud up there.)


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