NYC Trip Diary No. 2

Monday Part I

In Central Park

In Central Park

Monday morning started off with a great trip to a local crepe spot, where I had a nutella crepe with orangina (A drink my aunt and I both love) at Vive La Crepe. It was a really pretty morning. After breakfast we headed over to Central Park and walked around the west side of the park, near the baseball fields and Tavern on the Green, which was being extensively renovated.

After that, we headed south for lunch at Eataly. If youy haven’t been there, and you love Italian food, you MUST go. It’s like food nirvana.

Lunch at Eataly

Lunch at Eataly

Aunt Mary and I ate at La Pizza & Pasta. We both chose pasta dishes–I had pasta, and she had an amazing ravioli with peas and pecorino cheese as the filling.

Ham and cheese, Eataly style

Ham and cheese, Eataly style

meu board at Eataly

menu board at Eataly

I bought some torrone (nougat, an Italian candy) for my dad, who loves it, and a book on Italian food by Elizabeth David, as well as a neat tote bag/grocery bah/shopper.

Next stop was one of my favorite NYC places: The Strand, “18 miles of books”. I had a lot of fun in here. 🙂 I got a new notebook, and several books, including a copy of Lorca plays, since I did one of his plays last spring. I just love that store and could spend, easily, hundreds of dollars in there (I didn’t, though). The staff is so helpful, too, which is always a plus in such a huge bookstore.

After our shopping we headed home, to wait for Jack to get back from school.

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