NYC Trip Diary No. 3

Monday evening

Jack got home from school around five, and I persuaded him to visit the Metropolitan Opera shop with me.

Now, you have to understand, I have a deep and abiding love of the Met. When I first started voice lessons, I didn’t care much for opera. But as I’ve matured and learned more about the art form and the voice, I’ve come to love it. That doesn’t mean all operas are my cup of tea (because they’re not), but I love the Met and the productions it puts on. Originally, it was Renee Fleming’s recordings that brought me into opera, but now I have so many favorite singers and productions it’s hard to keep them straight!

So, I had to visit the Met. Ideally, I want to visit there and see a performance, but American Ballet Theater had started their summer season at the Met, so I was denied that (although I love ballet as well–that night’s performance of Onegin looked well sold, probably sold out.) However, the Met shop was open, so Jack and I headed over.

In front of the Met

In front of the Met


I was thrilled when I saw one of Joyce DidDonato’s costumes from Maria Stuarda on display in the shop.

Maria Stuarda costume

Maria Stuarda costume

The shop is amazing–DVDs and CDs of opera and ballet, clothes, jewelry, opera souvenirs…it’s a magical place for opera lovers.

Caruso in Il Trovatore at the Met in 1906

Caruso in Il Trovatore at the Met in 1908-1909

Outside the Met

Outside the Met

I loved getting to see the fountain that’s played a part in many of my favorite movies, including Black Swan and Moonstruck. 

Afterwards, we headed back to the apartment and had a great Greek meze platter that my aunt and uncle had made. Their dining room has a great view of not only the Met and Lincoln Center but cruise boats on the river. Sunset there is awesome.

After dinner I did some reading and talked to Jack–who also taught me to play chess ( I didn’t do tooooo terribly), and I went to bed early because Jeopardy! audition was in the morning. Gulp.



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