NYC Trip Diary No. 4–The Jeopardy audition

OK I fully realize this is the one most of you want to read. 🙂 So here we go.

I got up at 7:30, got dressed, had breakfast, and took a cab to the Hotel on Broadway. It was a few blocks north of where Aunt Mary lives and I didn’t want to arrive all gross from the walk. 🙂 As I got there, a little girl scootered into the lobby and right into the elevator. She was very Eloise-ish.

The audition was in two conference rooms. We had our picture taken and stapled to our audition forms. There were about 20 people, evenly split between men and women. Most of the people were 40s+ but there were a few folks my age, which was nice, including a guy from Pittsburgh and two from D.C.

The audition is broken into three parts: first the written test, then the “play round”, where you get a game board, use a buzzer, and answer in the form of a question with two other people. Then the interview, which happened in front of everyone and was immediately after your game was played.

The written test was first, and has the biggest impact on your overall score. There were 50 questions. I think I got about 44 of them right, so I felt confident in my answers there. There were a good amount of lit and history questions so I was happy about that. I know I missed the one physics and one chem question. The two people running the addition–who were really fun, by the way–took the papers and graded them as we waited.

After they graded them, it was time for the round. They called up three people at a time and about 10-12 questions were asked. Then each player was interviews, partially based on what they wrote on their audition form (the “five interesting things about you” part), and then what we would do with the money.

I got called up near the end. There was a category of Tennessee Williams plays, which was great, especially since I just auditioned for Streetcar a few months ago. The people loved my voice, so there, all you people who don’t (bwahahaha), and I think I did really well. 

After the audition, the woman asked me if I would need any accommodations if I was selected to play. I said I probably couldn’t do video or music clues, unless the music clues were classical music, in which case I’d be OK. She was really friendly.

So here’s how it goes: If you get a certain score, you go into the contestant pool for eighteen months. About 400 people are called to be new contestants during the season. You may or may not get called, even if you get a high score and are in the pool. So luck does have something to do with it. About 1,000 people–out of the 100,000 who take the adult test–make it to this round.

So now I wait and see what happens. But it was a lot of fun and I thought I did well.

After the audition I took a cab back to Aunt Mary’s, and we headed for one of my favorite NYC places–the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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