Seven Quick Takes Vol. 18



Well I started my weekend off by tripping off my front step, twisting my ankle and landing in the grass. Fortunately it’s not sprained or broken, but it’s turning some interesting colors and I’ve got ice on it. So good thing I walked a lot this week so I can sort of take it easy on the poor foot tonight.

When I fell off the step, I was wishing there was a Willoughby near by to help out, but, like a true 21st century woman, I made it to my car and drove over to my parents’ for dinner. Such lack of romance in my world!


I have almost finished unpacking from NYC–a few things left in the suitcase, and some laundry items. But now it’s time to start talking Orlando packing! I’ve got the beach bag packed with my suit, towel, and a full sunscreen arsenal, bien sur! Next is packing a bag with the maps, reservation confirmations, Guide Books and other navigation and logistical items. And, of course, lots of books have to come. I mean, what’s the good of lounging by the pool sans books? Never! I’m thinking about bringing some Big Books to re-read.


Speaking of re-reading, it’s time for the Annual Jane Re-Read! Every Summer, Starting Memorial Day Weekend, I re-read all of Jane. I’ve gotten a head start this year, in that I’ve already read Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility, so Pride and Prejudice is up next. I’ve also got the books I bought in NYC–Extra Virginity, French Provincial Cooking, and a few others.


Rejoicing in the long weekend with a lot of reading, music, writing, and Les Miz auditions on Sunday. I’ll let you know when I know. First rehearsal is next Wednesday.


So this is what next week looks like: Monday off; Wednesday first Les Miz rehearsal; Saturday off to Orlando. Wowza. So I’m hoping to get a lot of packing done this weekend, as well as cleaning. I also want to do some cooking, since I just got back from a restocking trip at the grocery.


Hopefully, my ankle will just be fun colors, since I have to workout this week to continue prep for Orlando. I don’t want all my NYC prep work to go to waste! I’ve got a pretty good plan of treadmill work + cardio circuits for this next week. Sadly, swimming is out, because it’ll only be in the 60s here. It is almost never warm on Memorial Day, and that’s when pools open around here.


A blog keeping note: I write a regular column for the Catholic Women’s website Suscipio. I’ve included a link to the website, and all my columns, under the “writing” tab above. So check it out. 🙂


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