Disney Journal No. 1

Columbus to Atlanta, GA

We left Columbus around 5:30 on Friday evening, hoping to beat both thunderstorms that were predicted for Lexington and to avoid Columbus rush hour. Well we did avoid rush hour, but not the rain–we had pop up storms until we got outside Cincinnati and then it was clear the rest of the way. I read Dearie and sort of helped navigate, but it was a pretty clear shot frm I-71 to I-75. Nothing major.

Our hotel in Lexington was nice and well-appointed, and we ended the evening with some bar snacks and watched some soccer in the bar. We wanted to leave early the next morning, which we did.

We hit the first major traffic of the trip in Atlanta. GADOT, I have harsh words for you–how do you attempt to close all the lanes of a freeway but let people on it anyway? Total lack of good sense, there. Google’s directions also got us pretty lost, so Apple Maps saved the day and got us to our hotel. We had dinner at the Atlanta Hard Rock Cafe, which was fun and had surprisingly good food. A lot of Braves fans were eating dinner there before that night’s game against the Nationals at Turner Field. Afterwards Dad hit the gym and I hit the tub. The Penguins were on that night, so Dad watched that debacle of a game while I went to bed.

The next morning we got up at 6 AM. Well, Dad was up at 5:30. He got me up at 6. Bleary eyed we headed out toward Orlando at 6:40 am. Much to my credit I didn NOT fall asleep in the car but stayed awake to read and navigate and generally be awesome. 🙂 Lunch at Cracker Barrel, which was more like a brunch, since we had pancakes.

At 2:00 we arrived at the Beach Club. I was crazy, crazy excited to be here after two days, four states, and 1000+ miles.


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