The Eiffel Tower is outside my window

Well, OK, not the real one. (Sorry.) The EPCOT one.

I’m writing in the middle of my Disney vacation, from the Beach Club Resort, which is our home base, and also really close to EPCOT. From our window you can see Spaceship Earth to the left, and the Eiffel Tower to the right. It’s a pretty great view, I have to say.

We are having a great time here in Disney World. We got here on Sunday afternoon after driving through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, and I just fell in love. The entire first floor smells like orchids, due to the gorgeous fresh flower arrangements that are everywhere. Our housekeeper is a cross between Ethel and Tinkerbell–she’s as fastidious as any Downton maid, but also does magical things, like make towel sculptures and arrange my Disney bear, Duffy, in a different place each morning. 🙂 The cast members (you are not a Disney employee. You are a Disney CAST MEMBER!) who work in the lobby are unfailingly helpful and cheerful.

The pool complex is amazing. So far I’ve spent every morning there, exploring the different pools (There are at least four) and their features, from a sandy bottom, to whirpools (yes, a real whirpool) and fountains. It really is magical.

And, of course, beaches and cream. Oh my gosh, Beaches and Cream.  I have had thus far: two hot dogs, two cheeseburgers, and the Milky way Sundae (no, not all at the same time! Four different meals. It’s great for lunch and we had dinner here on Monday.) Dad and I sat at the counter on Monday and watched the servers make the Kitchen Sink sundae, which is unreal. It’s every flavor of ice cream they have, plus all the toppings they have. When it’s served ambulance-like flashing lights come on and people applaud. Seeing kids’ faces when it’s placed in front of them is so much fun. They cannot believe the amount of sugar that is being laid before them.

Yesterday we did the Magic Kingdom, and tonight is Epcot. I will post pictures once I’m home, and attendant stories, but here are two for you:

    • When I was in Bonjour! gifts in the new Fantasyland, the cast member who was checking me out noticed my celebration button. Disney provides free buttons at the park entrances for people to wear for special occassions: birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, family reunions, first visits, and a general “I’m celebrating” button. Since this trip is also celebrating my eight year transplant anniversary, I grabbed the general “I’m celebrating” button. So the cast member asked me what I was celebrating. I said that it was my eight year lung transplant anniversary. Unbelieveably: this guy had just had his own transplant, eight months ago, also double lung! I was amazed. We were talking about that whilehe wrapped my items. He’s from Michigan so not far from my home turf. He also gave me eight Beauty and the Beast stickers. 🙂
    • Also, due to the “I’m celebrating” button: I had the grey stuff at Be Our Guest. If you don’t know what that is:

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