Disney Journal No. 2 (or, beach club first impressions)

Day Three: The Beach Club

So we arrived here almost exactly at 2:00, got a parking pass for our car, and headed to the lobby. The wonderfully helpful staff (really, it’s very Downton, I’m telling you) were all over it, as my brother would say: bringing out the luggage carts, giving us a claim ticket, getting us checked in. Dad drove to park the car and I went to check in. Once I was checked in, I trooped up to our fantastic hotel room. We had a “garden view”, which overlooks Epcot–we could see Spaceship Earth and the Eiffel Tower in the French pavilion from our window. It was a bit of a hike from the lobby, but we were really close to both Epcot and the Boardwalk areas, so that’s a plus.

The bellman arrived with our luggage, and I began to unpack. Dad arrived a few minutes later. First order of business (for me that is) was the pool. I was hot from being in the car for two straight days, so I headed to Stormalong Bay. Dad had to register for the conference so he headed over to the Dolphin, where the conference was being held. So I got to swim.

Stormalong Bay is a massive pool complex with at least five pools, a water slide, a whirlpool, an infinity sand-bottomed pool, a lazy river, and a lot of hot tubs. It’s for Yacht and Beach Club residents only, though, so you have to stop and get a wrist band after showing your room key. I headed for the infinity pool near Hurricane Hannah’s and the walkway, and had a lot of fun. Besides Stormalong bay, there are also some “quiet” pools that aren’t manned by lifeguards, and are usually called the “adult” pools.

Dad checked in, changed, and met me there. After thoroughly relaxing, we headed for our first “snack” at Beaches and Cream, which is far and away our favorite place to eat here. Our dinner reservations weren’t until 8:00, so we were pretty hungry, having last eaten at 10:00 in Valdosta, GA.

Beaches and Cream is an old-school soda shop, with the best burgers on Disney property, as well as a fantastic grilled cheese (you’ll hear more about that later). Today, though, I had the hot dog with fruit and their coleslaw which has red peppers in it (which I enjoyed). A chocolate Coke totally rounded out my enjoyment of the event. I had been dying to go to B&C and it’s what really tipped the scales in the Beach Club’s favor when we were looking at hotels in the Epcot area.

Our hotel reminded me a lot of Pollyanna, with the Victorian/ Edwardian architecture and color schemes. Everything is pale blue, mint, cream, etc. The hotel has a mild Little Mermaid theme, with Flounder and Sebastian on the carpets. (I really liked that since I love that movie.) The rooms also have balconies or patios of varying sizes; some are only big enough to dry a towel on the rail, and some, like ours, are big enough for some chairs and a table so you can sit outside.

After that, Dad took a nap and I explored a bit, including the hotel lobby and the Beach Club Marketplace which is a gift shop as well as an eatery. Since there are Beach Club villas that have kitchens, the Marketplace stocked some basic food and snack things, but also served meal items so you could grab a bite to eat there. I discovered Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treats, which are amazing (and which I’ll have to stock up on before we leave today!).

(And there will be pictures…this isn’t my computer, so I can’t upload them, sadly. But I did take lots and lots of pictures.)


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