Disney Journal No. 3, Sunday Evening

Oh, Flying Fish. How I love you.

Our first ADR was at 8:00 on Sunday night, at the Flying Fish Cafe. Dad and I are both massive fans of seafood, so when I was looking for places to eat this seemed like a perfect choice.

Flying Fish interior

Flying Fish interior


The cafe has a Coney Island turn of the century feel to it, with a bit of a carnival atmosphere. There’s also an open kitchen where you can sit and watch your meals be prepared. We were lucky enough to be seated inside the circus tent near the back of the restaurant!

Our waiter was from Rio and did an amazing job for us that evening. Our meal included: a cheese board (for me) and shellfish bisque for dad (more than just the usual lobster, it included crabs and shrimp as well); oak-grilled scallops with risotto (oh my gosh that risotto), and a sorbet trio for dessert.



We both had a fantastic meal, and a great time at this restaurant. It’s a Signature Dining place, so there is a loose dress code. No hats, no shorts, etc., collared shirts for guys.


After dinner we did some shopping/browsing along the Boardwalk, then headed back to our hotel. Monday was a big day for Dad. We weren’t just here for fun; he was presenting at the annual IBM conference at the Swan and Dolphin resorts, and both his presentations were on Monday.



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