Disney Journal No. 4, Monday

Monday was a great, relaxing day for me (not so for my dad, who had a lot of presentations!): no parks planned, gorgeous weather. So what better to do than explore the resorts and swim? Oh, and eat.

Yacht Club Lobby

Yacht Club Lobby

The first order of business was buying a new swimsuit top, because I’d lost enough weight that the top I had was, um, not doing it’s job, to put it mildly. Fortunately I’d packed another top but it was still a bit too revealing for my taste. So over to the Yacht Club I went to buy a new, more satisfactory top.

After that, it was definitely time to swim.

IMG_1683 IMG_1678

Stormalong Bay is a bunch of pools, and I just loved it. On Monday most people go to the parks, so it was nice and quiet at the pool.

Lunch at Hurricane Hannah’s, the poolside grill, was decent. The lobster roll was more like lobster ontop of roll, but I made it work.

Once Dad came back from Day 1 of the conference, it was time for dinner!

Beaches and Cream entrance

Beaches and Cream entrance

We chose Beaches and Cream, which became our basic go-to restaurant. We just loved this place. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it. This night we sat at the bar and got to watch the restaurant’s famous Kitchen Sink dessert be made. There were four ordered that night. Basically it’s every flavor of ice cream and every topping they offer in one big bowl. They use about a can of Borden Light Whipped Cream for each one.

The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink


It’s sort of amazing. Seeing kids react to this was a hoot.

After dinner I showed Dad around the hotel and the grounds. There’s the hotel, the solarium (more on that later), the gift shop and mini market, and the Beach Club Villas, for Disney Vacation Clubbers. I wasn’t one, but I still got a picture with Ariel. 🙂

Outside the Beach Club Villas

Outside the Beach Club Villas

Afterwards we headed back up to the room, watched the Epcot fireworks, and went to bed. The next day–Magic Kingdom!





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