Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 27

Outside my window::

Looks like a storm is coming in so no swimming tonight. boooo.


A gray skirt, sky blue top with ivory colored lace trim around the neckline, the Venitian glass necklace I bought at the EPCOT Italy pavilion, and sandals.


Game of Thrones book 4, A Feast for Crows; Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things; Doctors of the Church, Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette (I love anything about Maria Antoinette). Over vacation I read the following: Dearie, a biography of Julia Child, which was tremendously well-done; Possession which was a glorious read, which you must read immediately, and Game of Thrones 2 and 3. I also re-read Ahab’s Wife.

In the CD Player::

Les Miz complete recording, Act I. Working on word memorization and running through blocking in my head as I listen.

Around the house::

Oh, the general stuff that happens when you’re home from vacation: unpacking is almost done, however. Grocery shopping needs to happen, as well as general cleaning and tidying of post-unpacking. I’m trying to establish a rhythm to my housekeeping a la Fly Lady or something of that order.

From the kitchen::

Well first I have to have things in the kitchen. 🙂 I got two cookbooks in Orlando: Delicious Disney and one written by Princess Diana’s chef. Both have great things in them that I want to try. But tonight is Chipotle night.


That two of my friends, who are moving, sell their houses!


“Every Francis needs His Clare”

Importance of community theater

Working out::

Workouts for every day that I don’t have rehearsal. So that’s today, tomorrow, Thursday; Friday I’m going to a yoga class, so that counts. Maybe a pick up ballet class tomorrow?

Plans for the week::


Wednesday: Music rehearsal

Thursday: Lunch w/ Dad

Friday: Restorative yoga class w/ a friend of mine

Saturday: Music rehearsal

Sunday: Blocking rehearsal

I also need to write two letters and a thank you note.


The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest. Divine.

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest. Divine.



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